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Jay Leno’s been the host of the Tonight Show since 1992, and he’s had what’s sure to be hundreds of thousands of punch lines!  But can you match the punchline to some of his latest jokes?  Take our Jay Leno Punchline Quiz now!  We’ll pick 5 correct entries at random to win a pair of tickets to see Jay at DPAC March 28th. 

"Congratulations to NJ Governor Chris Christie. He\'s re-elected again. He gave a great speech last night. In his speech, he said he learned a lot in the last four years:

"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted he smoked crack cocaine. He says, yes, I have smoked crack but I was in a drunken stupor when I did it." Is the punchline:

"We had Kim Kardashian on the other night, and Kim says she\'s now trying to lead a more private life." Is the punchline:

"It’s pretty awful, this Richie Incognito guy. Rude, vulgar, racist. And his excuse?" Is the punchline:

"This just in: A federal judge in New Mexico has cleared the way for horses to be sold as dinner entrees. Restaurants can now legally sell horsemeat. Huh?" Is the punchline:

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 Deadline for entries is 11:59 pm, Friday, November 15th 2013.  Must be 21.

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